Express Weight Loss

Express Weight Loss


    Express Weight Loss (60 tabs)

    Express Weight Loss is an Anti-Obesity Supplement aimed at helping individuals gain control of their weight.

    If you have tried everything and have had no results, this is a must for you.

    Express Weight Loss is a fat loss amino acid blend to support quick and steady weight loss. It helps stimulates the breakdown of fat by mobilising it into the bloodstream where it can then be used as a fuel.

    Key Benefits:

    • Significantly reduces body fat
    • Triggers fat release from obese fat cells
    • Targets fat cells over lean cells
    • Mimics the way natural Growth Hormone (GH) regulates fat metabolism
    • No negative effects on blood sugar or muscle growth
    • Exceptionally effective when used regularly and consistently

    * Please note this product is not WADA approved and may be classified as a performance enhancing supplement. Product half-life is 4 hours and it may take up to 2 weeks to be clear from your system.


    In order to reap the full benefits of Express Weight Loss, you will need to take one tablet in the morning and one tablet at night before bed.  


    117 Amino Acid mix, with Alpha Lipoic Acid, L Carnitine and L Arginine

    Each bottle contains 60 tabs of 20 micrograms ingredient blend each

    Store below 25 degrees and protect from direct sunlight.

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