We are the leading pioneers in peak performance nutrition. 

We combine the latest research with nature’s finest quality superfoods and superherbs from around the planet to deliver great tasting, easy to mix, premium grade formulas without the use of artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners. All our formulas are scientifically engineered to compliment and enhance your health and performance making healthy eating easy, fresh, fast and fun.

Our goal is to help you live life to the fullest everyday!

The Magic of Blue Tea

This beautiful vibrant blue tea is a traditional drink offered to guests in Thailand as a welcome drink. Its' beautiful blue colour makes it useful in cooking as a natural food colouring often used in drinks, cocktails, rice dishes and desserts without the nasties. It is rich in vitamins A and C and E and is said to boost the immune system, repair eye damage and improve night vision.  It is also caffeine free and high in antioxidants, slowing down the ageing process and preventing oxidation and damage to cells. Want to learn more? Read on....

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Pro World Champion Fitness Model Altemira Schliebe

Competition fever is definitely on! Pro fitness model World Champion Altemira Schliebe always brings her A-game to the stage along with a positive attitude and beautiful smile. She sparkled in her turquoise bikini and demonstrated strength, fitness and professionalism. 

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Winter Broccoli Soup

Warm up on those cold wintery nights with a nourishing bowl of vegetable soup. We love soup in our house as it is so warming and filling and can have so many flavours and combinations. We also use soups to give our digestive system a good rest, as well as to prepare for juice cleansing. This is one of our favourite alkalising soup recipes that we know you will love. Top off with some cashew or macadamia cream and you have the most amazing meal!

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