10 Day Juice Cleanse - Day 6

10 Day Juice Cleanse - Day 6

Day 6 of 10! This is now becoming a lifestyle and each day is getting easier and we are feeling better. I love that each time I do a juice cleanse, I get a surge of sustained energy, improved gut health and other benefits that pleasantly surprise me along the way.

Tonight while driving home, I felt my vision was clearer and my focus was better on the long stretch of freeway. The drive didn't feel as long or tedious either. As well as having clearer eyes visibly, their function has improved too. I had it in the back of my mind that I may require an eye check for glasses and driving at night, but can happily say that I can put that one on the shelf again.

The power of carrots is due to their high levels of Vitamin A from the beta carotene found in them. Up until the 17th and 18th centuries carrots were mostly white, yellow or purple. It was the Dutch that introduced orange carrots and they have been a staple in most people's diets ever since. The most popular variety of carrots now are the orange ones.

Just one half cup serve of carrots provide may provide you with the following recommended daily intake of the following nutrients:

210% Vitamin A from beta carotene

10% Vitamin K

6% Vitamin C

2% Calcium

Organic v's Convetional

Be sure to buy organic carrots as they are often highly sprayed with pesticides and given a rinse in chlorine before they are served to the general public for purchase and consumption. This is quite possibly happening if you are not buying organic carrots. 

Dr Sheryl Barringer who is a Professor and holds a Graduate Studies Chair in the Department of Food and Science Technology at the Ohio State University stated the following:

'' Organic carrots are not washed with chlorine solution. Chlorine alternatives, including ozone solutions, are used on these. Non-organic vegetables, including carrots, are washed with a sanitizer, most likely chlorine and occasionally with chlorine alternatives (like peracatic acid, Prosan, or different combinations of organic acids and detergents). It is somewhat difficult to generalize because different manufactures use different approaches. However, it is reasonable to assume that if the vegetable is not organic, it most-likely has been sanitized with chlorine''.

You can also decide to start growing your own. This is simpler than you think, and can also be very rewarding. It is also a way of ensuring you are consuming fresh, organic and chemical free food.

Going Green to Be Clean

1 bunch English Spinach

3 English Cucumbers

1/2 a whole Celery

6 kale leaves

6 green apples

1 bunch Parsley

Makes 1.5- 2 Litres

Wash and roughly chop all fruit and vegetables. Make sure you put the stalks of parsley in a swell. This juice has a strong flavour, and is rich in Blood building and Purifying Chlorophyll, Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin K and folate. It is also a natural deodoriser to the body. 

Carotene Boost

10 Organic Carrots

2 Oranges

5 stalks celery

Piece of ginger

Makes about 1 Litre

Wash and chop the carrots and celery and peel the oranges.

Alternate the fruit and vegetables as you put them through the juicer. Add as much or as little ginger as you like.

Oh and Check out our funky new Glass bottles! These hold 1 litre of juice each and are eye catching with their bright design. Storing your juice in glass is preferable, and the healthiest way as glass won't leach BPA or other chemicals into your juice, food or water. 

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Eat Well! Be Well & Enjoy Life!

With Love,

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