Nutritional Consultations

Nutritional assessment and plan 

A Nutritional analysis will assess your current health state, any acute and chronic health issues, digestive disorders including any gut related conditions, weight management, recurrent illness, injuries or any conditions you may have.

We will look at your current food intake and assess the level of nutrition, sources of vitamins, minerals, fats and all macronutrients. Your assessment will cover foods that will will form a healthy new eating structure to address your current health state and any minor and major goals you may have. We will be looking at foods that will provide you with nutrient density, sustainable fuel, healthy sources of fats, carbohydrates and proteins and create step by step meal plan that you can follow with recipes for variety. 

We will pay close attention in how to use plant based whole foods to support energy, healing and recovery in all illness and disease and ways that you can stay well. Gut and immune health will be addressed and strategies implemented to help you on your path to wellness.

It is recommended you have a follow up appointment within 10-14 days after making changes so we can assess that everything is still working for you or make appropriate changes as needed.

The investment for an initial nutritional consultation is $220 and settled on the day of appointment. A meal plan will be included in this and emailed across to you. Any additional medicines or supplements that may be prescribed, and are charged additionally to the consultation and also settled on the day of your appointment.

Follow up appointments are charged as follows:
Standard 45 minutes: $150
Standard 60 minutes: $180
Standard 90 minutes: $270
Repeat Blood analysis: $300

We can accept payment via direct deposit or cash or credit card on the day.