Naturopathic Consultations

This is a detailed analysis of your current health, diet and systems analysis. We will cover any major issues affecting your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health and create a detailed plan with goals to support you. This will include a nutritional food plan, lifestyle and healthy new habits to implement in certain time frames. 

The consultations are there to provide you with a comfortable, safe space to understand and work on the reasons you are not feeling well. Together we will look at triggers, sustaining and aggravating factors that may be contributing to your current health state. Patterns appear as we identify them in your health history that we will address through our goal setting and positive changes that will be implemented.

A Naturopath is able to assess, using clinical diagnostic techniques including taking blood pressure, iridology, palpation where physical pain may be associated, hand/nail/skin/eye signs and live and dried blood analysis.

Some modalities to help with your healthy lifestyle plan may include; nutritional planning, herbal medicine, homeopathics, supplements, flower essence therapy, essential oils, meditation and visualisations, recommended therapies associated with your health and counselling and coaching to help you set goals and put your plan into action.

It is recommended you have a follow up appointment within 10-14 days after making changes so we can assess that everything is still working for you or make appropriate changes as needed. Keep in mind, when creating healthy new habits, change can take time and patience, positivity and persistence will be in to your benefit.

''All change creates growth, with growth comes challenge, with challenge comes discomfort.....until the change feels normal and sustainable ''

The investment for an initial appointment is $220 and settled on the day of appointment. This does not include medicines or supplements that may be prescribed, and are charged additionally to the consultation.

Follow up appointments are charged as follows:
Standard 45 minutes: $150
Standard 60 minutes: $180
Standard 90 minutes: $270

We can accept payment via direct deposit or cash or credit card on the day.