Reverse Osmosis Alkaline Water Filtration System
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Reverse Osmosis Alkaline Water Filtration System

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    600G Reverse Osmosis Membrane

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    Three filters are included in the package.

    Superior performance: Using reverse osmosis filtration technology with a filtration accuracy of 0. 0001um, the system can effectively remove most contaminants including fluoride, TDS, limescale, and heavy metals in your tap water.

    The first composite filter element: It is the first smart RO system with composite filters and tankless design in the U. S. market.

    No-tank design: Use new composite filter element technology to more efficiently filter out harmful substances. The tankless design helps you avoid secondary pollution and enjoy more storage space in your kitchen.

    No waiting for clean water: Thanks to its internal pump, the RO system offers faster water flow (600 gallons per day). It can produce pure water quickly, thereby meeting the needs of your whole family and even small companies.

    1.5: 1 low drain ratio: Compared to traditional RO systems, our Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System saves water waste. Save money on your water bills while running the RO system.