Elderberry Syrup 200ml
Elderberry Syrup 200ml
Elderberry Syrup 200ml
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Elderberry Syrup 200ml


    What is Elderberry Syrup?

    Elderberries naturally contain vitamins A, B, and C and stimulate the immune system. Researchers have found that the complex sugars in elderberries support the immune system in fighting cold and flu. Elderberries have been clinically shown to help fight all kinds of cold, flu and viruses.

    Below is a breakdown of the vitamins and minerals found in 1 cup of elderberries:

    • 870 mg of vitamin A
    • 406 mg of potassium
    • 52.2 mg of vitamin C
    • 9 mg of folate
    • 55 mg of calcium
    • 2.32 mg of iron

    The immune-stimulating effects of elderberries can reduce the severity and length of symptoms produced by cold and flu. They are beneficial in supporting upper respiratory symptoms of these ailments and can help reduce inflammation, mucus, sinus blockage, congestion and sore throats. It is also effective in helping modulate fever associated with these symptoms. 

    Elderberry extract binds to the tiny spikes on a virus protein that are used to pierce and invade healthy cells and destroys them so that the virus is ineffective.

    Elderberry syrup is best taken at the first sign of cold and flu. It may also be taken for 7 days at a time during the cold and flu season to boost your immune system. It is not advised to take Elderberry long-term. Please consult your Naturopath if your symptoms persist beyond 5 days.


    As this Elderberry syrup contains honey, it is not recommended for children under 1 year of age or with allergies. The following dosages are recommended for children 2 and above as well as adults.

    Children: 2-10yrs:  1/2 -1tsp per day and up to 3 x day with symptoms
    Adults: 10-12yrs and above - 1tsp - 1TBS and up to 3 x day with symptoms

    Side effects:

    The following list of side effects is specific to the consumption of the raw berries. Elderberry syrup is generally safe and is prepared from a dried berry that is heated and turned into a syrup with other herbs and organic honey.

    If you experience any of the following side effects, please contact the supplier or Naturopathic practitioner. 

    - Nausea
    - Vomiting
    - Dizziness
    - Numbness
    - Stupor

    Elderberry has no known severe, serious, or moderate interactions with other drugs. Caution should always be taken when trying any new medication or combining herbs and pharmaceutical medications.


    Elderberry must be taken with caution or avoided by individuals that have an autoimmune condition and are on medications that modulate the immune system.

    This is because Elderberry can stimulate the immune system, and therefore interfere with medications taken to suppress the immune system. These medications include corticosteroids (prednisone) and medications used to treat autoimmune diseases.