Blood Analysis

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Blood Analysis

Live and Dried Blood Analysis Consultation 

It is a comprehensive consultation that will run for 1hr 30mins and will include the following:

  1. Live and Dried blood Analysis
  2. Naturopathic assessment
  3. Nutritional plan and Alkaline diet and lifestyle information
  4. Full report including photos and lifestyle and diet plan to manage health condition.
  5. Discussion on a treatment for future follow up appointments and illness management.
Costs and charges for your Nutritional Live and Dried Blood Analysis:

The investment for this appointment is $599 and settled on the day of appointment. This does not include medicines or supplements that may be prescribed, and are charged additionally to the consultation.

Repeat Blood Analysis appointment:
Your photos will be sent to you and a new nutritional plan if required.
This appointment will run for 60 minutes and is $300.

Prior to a blood analysis appointment:

  1. Please fast from all food and drinks except water for 2hrs before your blood analysis appointment. 
  2. Bring a snack and water bottle along for after your appointment as it is a long consultation
  3. Remember to bring your completed patient files and any recent blood test result copies to your appointment for your file. New patient forms are attached below
  4. Please list all medications including natural supplements on your forms.   

What is microscopic blood analysis?

Blood Microscopy is a specialised technique used to assess an individual’s state of health. Seeing really is believing, as this type of analysis allows you to see what is going on in your body right before your eyes!

Your microscopist will investigate your live blood sample under a high power microscope where the size, shape, structure and details of your cell composition are assessed. An in depth discussion will follow to identify health challenges and vulnerabilities. A suitable treatment plan is then tailored for you, along with a comprehensive report for you to take home.

A microscopist will also assess dried blood.  This is a unique technique not common to other types of blood analysis within Australia, making it superior, more specific and highly sought after. Dried blood analysis, also known as a Mycotoxic Oxidative Stress Test (MOST), can identify signs and patterns that may present as health challenges in years to come.

Things often observed in the dried blood include:

  • Organ and system dysfunctions
  • Areas of oxidative stress
  • Inflammation, irritation and sensitivities
  • Dietary and nutritional imbalances
  • Environmental and heavy metal toxicity
  • Toxic congestion of the small and large intestines
  • Parasitic inclusions
  • Lymphatic and circulatory issues
  • Liver and organ distress
  • Patterns for diabetic or pre-diabetic conditions
  • Patterns for cancerous conditions

Live and dried blood analysis offers you an opportunity to be proactive in your health. It is faster than standard medical tests as there is no waiting. The whole test is performed in front of you in a safe, comfortable and confidential environment.



What do I need to bring to my appointment?

  • All you need to bring is yourself. If you have a support person it will be great to have them listen in as they can help provide support as you implement food and lifestyle changes. As you will be fasting prior to your test, please bring a snack and a water bottle with you. If you have any recent copies of blood tests from your GP, bring them along with your completed new patient form. We will email this to you in advance.

Who can have a blood analysis?

  • Everybody is eligible to have a blood analysis including children and the elederly. If you are unsure, please contact us at the office so we can answer any questions you may have. 

How long will the blood test take?

  • An initial appointment will take approximately 1.5 hours. We ask you to allow up to 2 hours as we will cover a lot of information about your health, live and dried blood as well as your nutritional needs. A detailed discussion to assess challenges and goals will also be covered in this appointment.

Will the blood test hurt?

  • Live blood analysis is a capillary pin prick test. We use a new retractable disposable needle for each client to take a drop of blood from the finger tip. It can feel like a little pinch or sting, but it is very quick and almost painless.

Do I need to fast before the blood test?

  • You will need to fast from all food and drink except water until your blood test. After the blood sample has been taken, you are welcome to eat and drink. It is recommended you bring a snack with you so you can have energy to concentrate through the consultation.

What will we cover during my appointment?

  • We will cover a lot of information about your health, live and dried blood as well as your nutritional needs. A detailed discussion will follow to assess any health challenges, vulnerabilities and questions you may have. Photos of your blood will taken through the analysis and added to a comprehensive report and plan that will be tailored for you.

Are supplements included?

  • Supplements may be prescribed if indicated by the results. They are charged additionally to your consultation and often tailored for you. They are used along side a healthy eating plan that will address any illnesses, injuries working toward your heath goals. We encourage you to commit to making healthy sustainable changes so that you do not depend on supplementation and additional medications long term.

What happens after my appointment?

  • An emailed report will be sent to you along with any nutritional and lifestyle support. This can take a couple of days as we may need extra time to tailor a short term and long term plan for you. Once you receive your report and any supporting material, a follow up phone call will be arranged as well as your 1st follow up appointment to keep you focussed and help you along the way.

Why do I need to make follow up appointments?

  • It is important to attend your follow up consultations to stay focussed, committed and most importantly be able to receive any support you may need along your personal journey. If things change we can re-assess this as you may no longer require certain supplements, medicines or treatments.

Do you offer skype and phone consultations?

  • Blood analysis can only be performed in clinic, however follow up consultations man be done over the phone or skype. Please discuss this with your Naturopath.

Will you provide me with a nutritional plan?

  • A tailored step-by-step nutritional plan will be provided for you. It will have very specific protocols if you are cleansing, with all recipes and ingredients required included on your plan. If you are completing a juice cleanse, liquid cleanse or clean eating maintenance programme, these plans and recipes will also be provide to you.

What support material is there available to help me with my food preparation and nutrition?

-We also have the Alkaline Cookbook Hardcover 2nd edition available for purchase. This book contains, full colour glossy photos with over 80 easy recipes to help you alkalise, energise, strengthen and heal your body as well as maintain a balanced pH. It will also provide you with enough variety to keep you interested and motivated.

Please also refer to our Blog for new recipes, inspiration and health information. These can be found at the bottom of the Alkaline Superfoods home page:

We can also tailor perosnalised and group food workshops for you.

How long will I have to maintain recommended changes?

  • Blood analysis is a specialised technique that will identify areas that require lifestyle changes. We are working on creating long-term health so change can take time and commitment. The more dedicated you are to making your health a priority, the more likely you will reap the benefits of alkalising your body for many years to come.

I have cancer, can I still have a blood analysis?

  • Blood analysis is a technique suitable for everyone. If you have cancer or any other diagnosed illness this is a safe test to have. It will not interfere with any treatments you may be having and can identify some important areas in your health that may need to be addressed to help your body with healing. It is a valuable test to have when unwell as we can improve gut and immune health, elimination of toxins and support the body’s natural healing processes.

I am on medication, are you still able to help me?

  • Please let your Naturopath know which medications and supplementations you may be taking. This is important so as to avoid any drug interactions. If you are wanting to cease any prescribed medications from your doctor, it is advised you discuss this with your doctor so you can have the right support to avoid any relapse of symptoms or undesired side effects.

How often do I need to have a blood analysis?

  • Repeat blood tests are usualy dome within 8-12 weeks depending on your own unique results. Your Microscopist can guide you after your first session.

Is this covered by private health insurance?

  • Blood analysis is an out of pocket investment as it is unfortunately not covered by private health. However, if your private health fund covers Naturopathy a small rebate may be available to you.

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