Winter Broccoli Soup

Winter Broccoli Soup

The nights are still so cold and in need of some warming, nourishing and healing soups. I am a huge soup fan and could honestly eat it all year 'round, yes even in the warmer months. It always feel like a big warm hug. I also love how easy they are on my digestive system, filling me up just enough without feeling heavy or tired. 

This recipe below can easily be adapted to include other greens such as green beans, white zucchini, cauliflower etc, if you don't have the exact ingredients listed. What I love about this recipe is that there is no veggie stock, and I usually have all the ingredients in my fridge and pantry ready to go. 

I like to add an organic vegetable powder to enhance the flavour, but you could easily leave it out as you will get plenty of flavour form the onions, garlic and leeks when combined with the salt.

If you can't have onions and garlic, substitute sautéed celery instead.

This recipe make enough for 4 serves of soup and can be frozen for a quick and healthy weekday meal if you are time poor. 

Soups are a wonderful way to add a heap of nutrition, without having to invest a great deal of time. You can have this beautiful meal ready in 30 minutes.

Enjoy x

Winter Broccoli Soup

2 heads of broccoli

2 medium zucchini

2 leeks

1 bunch parsley

1 brown onion

4 cloves garlic

2 Tbs coconut oil

1 Tbs Trocomare seasoning

Salt to taste



1. Dice the brown onion, garlic and leeks. Set aside.

2. Wash and roughly chop the broccoli and the zucchini.

3. Heat the coconut oil, sautéed the onions, leeks and garlic until soft and fragrant.

4. Add chopped broccoli and zucchini and cook for a few minutes on medium heat.

5. Add enough filtered water to just cover all the vegetable. Top off with Chopped parsley, Trocomare and salt. Lower heat and gently heat until it just starts to bubble. Turn heat off and cover with the lid for 15 minutes.

6. Using either a stick blender or vitamix, blend soup until smooth. Add more salt or Trocomare powder to taste.

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